We are a design company that helps organizations create social and environmental change through new products, services and strategies.

We design and facilitate processes that lead to concrete results.


ACTIONTANK is inspired by the ‘think tank’ concept, where a team of selected experts solves concrete problems. We take it a step further and combine those ideas with action. It’s action that sets us apart from traditional consultants.


For each task we form a new ACTIONTEAM, which consists of carefully selected individuals from your organization, representatives of your customers and our external experts. We call them ACTION(WO)MEN. They provide the latest knowledge and expertise demanded by a particular task.


Together the ACTIONTEAM possesses the necessary insight to understand the challenges from all sides. Through our processes and methodologies the ACTIONTEAM creates solutions that ensure your corporate social responsibility and economic growth.


We leave no heavy reports on the desktop, which never translated into action. Taking part in an ACTIONTEAM creates engagement and ownership, meaning that you can lead the transformation of ideas into reality in your organization. In this way, implementation starts from the very first day.