The term "Social innovation" respond to social, societal and environmental challenges. Such solutions include new products, services and strategies.


We help to create a sustainable business where social and environmental accountability goes hand in hand with growth. With us, social innovation is not about charity but about opportunities: new products for new markets; new solutions to old problems; optimizing existing solutions.


Social innovation also boosts an organization’s image to ensure confidence and credibility with employees, consumers and investors.


Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) measures the growth of 10% of companies from the Dow Jones Global Index (DJGI) with the greatest social and environmental efforts. DJSI has consistently outperformed DJGI since 1994. It is no longer appropriate to ask whether sustainability can pay off in the bottom line, but rather how we integrate sustainable thinking into the company. ACTION TANK provides the answers.


Concrete results you will see:

Better customer relations: people increasingly demand accountability in production and processes.

Product differentiation: new areas of opportunity and product categories.

Stronger brand position: improve your reputation and generate long-term legitimacy in the market.

Improved economy: financial savings and efficiency improvements, and access to new markets.

Responsible stakeholders: meet the requirements of investors and others who increasingly demand accountability in production and processes. Better products: improve quality and productivity among suppliers

Motivated employees: reduce absenteeism, retain employees and strengthen the ties to the company through improved motivation.


Sustainability drives the bottom line; let us help your company maintain a healthy and responsible business.